Recommended Received Target Level settings for the ePMP


What is the recommended Received Target Level settings that should be used for configuring for both the ePMP 5GHz APs and the ePMP 2GHz APs? 

What is this setting for and how does it impact the overall system design or performance?  Does it mean that if an SM is not within a certain threshold, that the AP will not allow it to connect?


This setting is to aid with frequency re-use on the AP side. It keeps one SM from having a signal that would penetrate and interfere with the SM on the back to back remote side. You configure this setting on the AP side, the AP will modify the SMs transmit power to attempt to match this level. This will not cause the radio to transmit over the regulatory limit as long as the correct gain has been set on the SM side "Antenna Gain". We use -60 on all APs in our network.

As for the threshold where a SM will not connect, that's set on the SM side and can be configured differently for each SM. Look at the bottom of the Configure Radio tab on the SM for this value.



Thank you for the great description of these features. I agree with -60 as a sensible value for the subscriber module target receive level set on the AP.