Recommended Software

Ever since I went to Version 1.6.0 on Premise the bar showing how many devices are up to date with the newest firmware doesn't work correctly.

Our 450's register correctly with version 15.1.3 and update the talley and percentages but the ePMP devices when updated to 3.5.1 do not increase the talley or percentage.

So it says I'm at 30% network wide recommended firmware when I'm really at 100%.

Is there a fix coming for this?

It is currently running Version 1.6.0-r22

Can you please send me screenshot via private message..

As discussed I hope the issue is fixed..

Yes. By re-uploading the software to cnMaestro it retallied everything correctly. I would jot this down as a bug because it shouldn't have to be re-uploaded a second time for it to tally the recommended software correctly.

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Great we will further look into the issue and add a fix so that next time user doesnt need to upload.