Recoomended MAX distance for a PTP with force 300

Hello guys, anyone with experience with a PTP link that can recommend the maximum distance for a PTP link with force 300, I have benn successfull to have a very decent throughput with force 200 up to 15Km.

I need to set up a PTP link of 22Km which I need to get at least 50mbps, it will be enough. for this purpose I was thinking to use a PTP550i but during my tests, I havent been successfull to replicate a force200 PTP link of 6km because they are not registering due to somehting wich i dont know what it is, so I am hesitating to use this device. and it is supposed to be intended to rin more thorughput than what I need for this 22km link, so maybe one of you gents that have experience with force 300 can tell me if it is possible to acchieve what i need with this device or if I look in ither direction.

Thank you in advance, any help will be very well appreciated.

Netbrowser, are you familiar with LINKPlanner? I'd recommend planning the link in that tool for an accurate prediction of RSL's as well as corresponding throughput and link reliability based on the coordinates, selected equipment platform, and interference at the two locations, among other parameters. I'd recommend haivng your VAR or RTM run this link for you if you need help. 

You can download LINKPlanner here:


You'll definitely want to plug this into link planner.  Regardless you have to take into account the physics at play.  IE. Dish size, power level, freq. etc.  That's the nice thing about LinkPlanner is you can scale to what you need, to know what it will take to get that BW at 4 or 5 9's a year.  If I'm reading this correctly you're wanting to do 22km? or just the 6km shot for the Force?  6km is all day long.  I have a link at 6.7km running -54 and doing 70x70 all day long.  Linkplanner it up and scale accordingly!  Good Luck!


At 14 miles I would want to use 3 foot dishes.  You could do 2 foot dishes if you were limited.  I'd look at the PTP550.

I would not recommend a Force 300 with a 16 inch dish.

Hello, thanks for your response, I am familiar with Link Planner, I’ve been using it for more than one year, the scope of my question is to know what is the recommended distance based on your experience, on a normal environment.

With my short experience I’ve been using cambium devices and for this noisy environment I can achieve a very decent connection on a PTP link with force 200, PTP550i is capable of connecting up to 50km but I haven’t been able to connect a 10km link even if I follow up Link Planner requirements.

Since I’ve post this thread I have been installing a PTP link with force 300 for replacing an existing force200 PTP link but I am not able to achieve better performance than my actual force 200 link obviously this may be because lot of interference, i use link planner for predictive purposes but must of the time I have to play with some configurations even to achieve a 6km link of less than 50 mbps. Not being able to pass more than that. So again this is a very though environment and link planner is not able to predict that.

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