Recovering External E2E Controller Network with New External Controller OVA deployment

This article explains about recovering External E2E Controller from backup taken from crashed deployment.

What is required?

Recent backup downloaded from Old/Crashed/Not Working External E2E Controller Network is mandatory to perform the recovery.

What needs to be done?

Download the latest cnMaestro and E2E controller OVA from the support site (.tar.gz)

How long should this take?

Approximately 30-60 mins after you have downloaded the packages


cnMaestro should be minimum of 3.1.0 in order to perform this operation.

Begin with recovery steps:

In this article in images, assume as below -

Old/Crashed/Not Working External Controller: cnWave 60 GHz E2E Network
Freshly Deployed External Controller: New - cnWave 60 GHz E2E Network

STEP 1 :
Shutdown the Crashed/Not Working E2E Controller VM if still running so that we can assign the same IPv6 address and gateway to the newly Deployed E2E Controller VM

STEP 2 :
• Install new E2E Controller OVA as Virtual Machine and Onboard it to the same cnMaestro where Crashed External E2E Controller VM was connected. Refer 60 GHz cnWave E2E Controller User Guide

STEP 3 :
• Assign the old(crashed VM’s) IPv6 address and gateway during the initial approval page or E2E Network > Configuration > E2E Controller page once onboarded.

• Make sure to update the Newly Deployed External Controller to the latest Package Version before proceeding with recovery process.

NOTE : Cambium strongly recommends to configure old E2E Network IPv6 address in the new one.

CAUTION : If new IPv6 address is configured, user needs to change the PoP configuration manually on both device GUI and cnMaestro configuration page for it to be onboarded

STEP 4 :
• In newly connected External E2E Network, navigate to E2E Network > Tools > Operations > System Backup and Restore, click on “Select File” button to select Crashed External E2E Controller’s Backup file and click on Restore button.

• When Restore Options window pops up, Select Yes on this option “Are you trying to restore with an existing E2E Network which was managed on this server?” if existing E2E Network was onboarded in cnMaestro

• Select the crashed/not working/shutdown External E2E Controller Network from the list from where the backup was taken.

NOTE : E2E Controller Network should be offline to select, if Online E2E network is selected, cnMaestro pops up error.

• Click on Apply button to start the recovery of of old/crashed/not working External E2E controller

• User can monitor the status of Restore process and Success notification will appear once the restore is successful

How will I know if my recovery is successful?

The New External E2E Controller VM must be mapped with the old/crashed/not working External Controller Network name in cnMaestro along with expected topology and objects.

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