Recovery console mode to find existing config

I am currently in a field that uses several radios. And I do not have the IP addresses of the radios themselves. Is there a way to use the recovery console to get the current IP configuration from a radio I’m directly connected to? We have a mix of 450i, pmp, and various cambium models.

Generally speaking for Cambium equipment, if you wink the PoE power to the device, you have 1 minute to log into the unit on Then, you can reset to factory default, see the current network configuration, and reboot normally. The best way is to unplug the cable going to the radio from the PoE/Switch (whatever you have), wait 1-2 seconds and plug it back in. When the radio reboots, it will be in recovery mode for a minute, then it will reboot normally. I usually set my computer for (no vlan) on the ethernet port, open a cmd box to start a ping to, and when the ping responds, use your browser to log into

Hope this helps,