Recovery password.

Hello all. 

I'm working for a company that has many PTP 800 and older adminstration loose the admin passward. One of my tasks is recover it. I was reading the User Manual and I´m confused about two options: Zeroizing critical security parameters and Reset IP and Ethernet configuration.

I don't want to loose all the configuration, just put a new passward.

Whith may I choose?

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Since you want to reset only the password, you must go with the option "Zeroizing critical security parameters" . This option would not erase your configuration.


Richa Sharma

As Richa says, the Zeroize Critical Security Parameters option will erase the password. It will also erase the AES encryption key and security certificates (if they were configured) and reset the user accounts. The User Guide provides a complete list of the attributes affected. This option does not affect the general configuration.

The other option you mentioned resets the IP and Ethernet configuration, including IP address, gateway, subnet, and VLANs. It does not affect passwords.

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