redirect guests to url after success on guest login

Hi, I've set up a guest access portal with the URL for guests to be redirected after successfully logging on. It works fine from a laptop computer but on tablet and mobile devices it does not. 

Are you trying this on an Android OS devices? Somewhere around Android version 6.0 or above Android captive portal versions started automatically closing the captive portal network assist browsers(CNA browser) the moment sign in is complete and it detects the Internet connectivity is available. We plan to add some option which would delay the Internet allow state of the client post login and let user see the user configured landing page but again it will be shown for that delay time only. After this delay timeout android devices will automatically close this CNA browser where the user has just signed in. In case this user configured some landing page which has some links which user was trying to use to navigate to some useful information then it will have a very abrupt behavior for end user. Another caveat will be this landing page will have to be whitelisted which means pre login also the user will be able to access this landing page.

Any updates on this? I've labbed-up a GAP and it is working fine to accept my payments through PayPal, but after it takes my money, there is no popup screen or email to indicate what the Token is so the client can login.

Would also love an update on this, we are trying to do the same thing, works great on PC but not working on any mobile device we have managed to test.