Reduce Reboots/Setup time

Just installing some APs and find myself waiting the most time.

Install power, Login, Upload Update, wait

Reboot, wait,

Upload Update a second time for second bank, wait,

Reboot, wait

Upload GPS Firmware, wait,

reboot, wait,

Login to cambium, get country license,

Install country license, reboot, wait,

Restore Config File, reboot, wait,

Login and test

I've wondered from the start why it can't flash the GPS before/after the main firmware during the same session - option to disable perhaps, but just flash the GPS automatically if the main firmware package contains a newer GPS image.



We do not expect frequent updates to the GPS firmware. In fact we have had only one new firmware for the GPS since we launched ePMP in October 2013. We did not want to include GPS firmware upgrade along with the software upgrade because we want the operator to perform the upgrade manually to make sure it is done correctly. Otherwise pushing software from CNUT/CNS and other methods and upgrading the GPS firmware automatically introduces too many failure points. 

Hope this helps.