Reduce traffic for some SM clients


Is it possible reduce traffic for some SM clients? Setting limits as maximum throughput or maximum number of unicast packets etc?

ISPs know, different client different tariff.

I have searched in the ePMP User Guide v3.5 but nothing.

Thank you

You can setup different traffic tiers in the Quality of Service area of the AP and the client. The AP is setup with the service tiers we offer, and the client is set to the service tier that they subscribe to. Take a look at this example:

On the AP:

On the client:


Oh... I have found where was a problem. I was searching in AP and SM in Wi-Fi mode and here is not QoS. In the User Guide I probably searched bad keywords.

Is it possible reduce traffice due to number of packets?

Thank you

@ckpj3 wrote:

Is it possible reduce traffice due to number of packets?

Thank you

On the AP, under the Network settings area, you can limit the broadcast packet rate. This appears to be the only packet related QoS item that you can set that I can find:

CKPJ3 - the WiFi modes in ePMP were really designed for transition to ePMP mode.  So, the idea is if you have non-Cambium WiFi gear, that you can put up a new ePMP AP and put the AP into WiFi mode, and connect to the existing WiFi CPE's out there, while you go around and change CPE's out for ePMP SM's.

SO, the net result is that some features you're used to seeing in an AP (such as speed control) aren't really in Cambium's WiFi mode and that's why.

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