Redundant 550's

I am new to Cambium hardware.
We are looking to implement dual 550’s between two buildings 1400’ away with an elevation change off 78 feet. on the main building, we can seperate the two 550’s on the roof with out an issue. On the second building. We are adding a 45 ft tower to mount the 550’s to. How far do I need to seperate the 550’s from each other on the towers? How do I keep each of the 550 pairs from conflicting with each other? Second question. On that same tower. We are looking to have another 550 connecting to another building 1/4 mile away in the other direction from the pair on the tower. How would I keep that 550 from confilction with the other connection?

I’d say that using 2 x PTP550’s with the same location endpoints is not the best idea. If you have enough clear spectrum, the solution will work fine. My experience is that in most areas, that amout of clear spectrum is usually not available.
1400 ft (or about 400m) is a short link. There are better options for high capacity at that range. I assume that since you are using 2 links that you need 2+ Gb/s capacity?
Take a look at cnWave, 60 GHz unlicensed. 2 x v3000 units will easily link at 400m (up to 1000m at full capacity is possible). Using a single channel, the v3000 link will pass 1.7 Gb/s in each direction, and with channel bonding available soo, 2 channels can be bonded together for a result of about 2.5 Gb/s in each direction. Latency across a link like this will be 600 microseconds or so. The v3000’s support a 10Gb/s ethernet connection, or 10Gb/s SFP+, and have a 1Gb/s aux ethernet. They can be PoE powered, and use either the 10Gb/s ethernet or the SFP+ for data traffic.
Cambium Networks - 60 GHz cnWave V3000 for Wi-Fi Backhaul