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Looking to buy some equipment from wireless units .com. does anyone know anything about them?
Please shoot me an email good or bad… thanks

That would be Ezlinx. Expect a 50% or better failure rate on their used equipment. Good news is there won’t be any hassle swapping the bad units for good units but it may take until the second or third attempt.

we buy only new units from them, good prices and deliver fast, we’ve gotten a few used PTP links from the without any problems

i’d say we’ve purchased 40 APs 6PTPs and 400 to 500 SMs

Over two years ago EzLinx sold us our first set of six 9000AP units and we only ever had a problem with one of them and they replaced it quickly. They are all still in service.

We purchased a couple of 5700BH20 links and they ran for over a year before we had any problem with them. We had them serviced for a reasonable cost and they were up and running again.

Back in February of this year, we purchased a PTP400 5.7ghz 60mbps full link, integrated antenna. It has been up and running solid since we installed it in March, so we have been running with it for a little over 6 months and it has had 99.999% uptime.

We have purchased 15db 900mhz Yagi antennas from them and had a few bad out of the box, but they always replace or credit back on them if they are defective. Their pricepoint on 15db Yagis is really good.

We would recommend them as a good source. for AP/BH equipment. We have not had good success overall with used SMs, so we now buy all NEW SMs from Streakwave and that has been a really good move for us. We have bought almost 200 NEW SMs and have only had like 3 of them DOA. We test all of them at the office before we deploy them to make sure they have proper power levels and link efficiencies in a controlled environment. I highly recommend this process because it saves SO MANY headaches out in the field.