reflector for 13+ mile 5.7Ghz connection?

jwcn wrote:
I'm going to to an educated guess and say you're way too close to the metal on the silo. Typically we use a 10' length of 2" EMT (Conduit) and put the SM at the top of it.

I was fixing to post a similar response regarding reflection. :wink: I would also try adjusting the WARM32's elevation to achieve the best signal. You may even want to call your ISP and have them run a link test.

The top of the silo is white fiberglass. There is a metal railing around the center ( blue metal that you see ), a large aluminum top hatch, a metal gangplank and railing and a 8"x8" arched fill pipe that you don’t see in those pics.

If any of those could cause a problem I can hoist it up.

Also, I’m running about 250’ of cat5e from the antenna to my power injector at the router. Any chance the cable length has an effect? I have about 25’ of slack that could be cut out.

The antenna was adjusted in both axis’ for maximum strength.

Raise that puppy as high as you can. At 5.xGHz everything becomes reflective.

The 330’ limitation for Ethernet is based on 100Mbps Full duplex. You can actually push the cable length to 500’+ by switching the link speed to 10Mbps Full Duplex

As far as voltage drop, the SM will run all the way down to 12VDC.

Did you try with another SM?
How many SM is registered on AP?
normally with RD27 you should get
>500 rssi
>-77 dBm
and 2-5 jitter
if you still trying, tray with satellite dish 90-120 cm.
un check all frequencies in radio except that you received.