reflector on the AP side

has anyone tried this? im trying to cover a new housing developement and i would need to dish every receiver…it would make more sense if i dished an AP.


Well, That would be nice. But it would narrow the broadcast pattern, Don’t see how it would work on a large group.

i only need to cover about 6/10ths of a mile wide from about 5 miles away

Looks like 6/10 wide at 5 miles is about 6.84 degrees which in theory would do it as the reflector is about 6degrees.


The SM’s without reflectors are all 60deg wide and will be stepping all over each other. You will probably not get the results you are looking for. Better to go with reflectors at each SM.

If you were about 4 miles or so from the tower, I would strongly suggest a 5.7AP with a 45 degree sector would be a slam dunk with no SM dishes.

At 5 miles, I would want to test that to make sure, but it should still work. running 1x rate of course. Maxrad makes a great antenna that adjusts from 45 to 120 degrees, and it is a pretty hot antenna.

Again, a test would be required, but we have some 5+ mile links with the antenna in 90 degree “mode” and 45 is about 3db or so stronger. i can help you with the logistics if you reply off list.

Variables such as the “noisyness” of 5.7Ghz in your area comes into play a little.

You have good LOS for all these houses from your proposed tower?


Isn’t placing a standard Canopy dish on a 5.7 AP illegal?

Good call!

Didn’t even think about that.

pfft…its only illegal if you get caught :slight_smile:

I bet on the 5.2 that would be a huge no no :slight_smile:

lol… i agree…

vince, I really hope you are kidding.

of course i am.

If i were serious i wouldnt post it on here :stuck_out_tongue:

Illeagal in Unlicensed???
Maybe in the States they care but not too much here in the north.
Doesn’t make it right but… :lol:
Thankfully everything Canopy does works good for what I do.