Reflectors for Canopy SM

Is anybody, who has tried to use another reflector than Motorola’s one? Maybe, like me, somebody have used as spheric reflector from Wi-Fi 5GHz.
Please if someone know something about it give me a link for a supplier.

All best

ptysiek - Krzysiek

Erkan uses some FTA satellite dish that he says works better than Canopy dishes at about 1/2 the cost.

Thanks Jerry.
But, forgive me that question, who or what it is Erkan. And what type of FTA sattelite reflectors they use.
I’m using a sattelite reflector with 60cm diameter and averything would be OK, but setting maximum RSSI is harder, than with Bat’s one.

Thanks again

Ptysiek - Krzysiek

Erkan is a member.

Check out this thread: … =satellite

We use Stingers from Beehive. They are really effective and easy as hell to deploy as they simply slip over the SM.

they cost around $50 each.