Regaining Control of Canopy Module Remotely

My firm has designed and installed a number of licenced band and ISM radio systems that use microprocessor-controlled electronic modules for various functions. Experience has been that these modules lock-up not infrequently, due to power glitches and static discharges during lightning storms and AC power interruptions.

While some equipment will recover from an interruption by rebuilding its data flow to the desired transfer rate, other devices require a reboot to clear a lock-up.

Recently, we had our first lock-up of a Canopy trunk and distribution system at a remote site. An electrical storm had caused a lock-up that prohibited us from connecting with the BH via telnet. Technical support was dispatched to travel to the site and investigate further. Our technician found that there was no data transfer from the BH to the AP and that he had to reset the default IP addresses for both the AP and BH, using the default plug and a power-off in order to clear the lock-up. After this activity, the custom IP addresses were then re-entered via the keyboard. In short, there is a method to clear this type of lock-up, but it requires physically accessing the radio.

Given that we are contemplating implementing systems in that are several hundred miles from experienced technical resources in extremely remote areas that experience electrical storms and hydro power outages on a regular basis, the thought that a technician would have to be dispatched to clear this type of lock-up is “bone-chilling” to say the least, both in terms of downtime and the substantial costs that would be suffered in performing what is a relatively simple fix.

Does anyone know of suppliers that provide remote access and control equipment that can be used to remotely clear this type of lock-up via a dial-up telephone facility and a modem?

Bill Evans
E B Systems Limited
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Luckily, I didn’t have any kind of lockups that needed to default reset the device. And also never heard about. But I recommed to use a UPS, if needed there is some, what has SNMP feature to remotely reboot it (like SmartAPC with SNMP card. To remotely default reset the unit, I think, the best would be a small PC or and embadded system what controls two relays:
1) for short circuit the default cable
2) switch on or off the unit (as it needs to have connected default plug at boot time)

i have also had a similar problem, i have an AP that will ocassionally lock up after an electrical storm, it is plugged into a UPS system, and will need to be physically rebooted before passing any traffic. I have never had to default it though, so that is an odd occurence. i know if no way to fix this, you would need to be able to reboot your UPS/surge remotely, which i have never heard of…

We use a product called The Power Stone that plugs into our ups then the equipment is pluged into this unit. It has a phone connection so you can either use a cell phone with a cellular connection box or a regular phone connection. It als has security code settings to make it hard for someone to randomly dial the phone number and reset your equipment. We have sites using both the phone line and cellur. It sure saves driving time.