Regarding BAM

If I have an existing Canopy network and I wanted to impliment BAM,

1. I know I have to upgrade my existing APs (or buy the already BAM capable) but what about my SMs?

2. Can I have one AP in a cluster using BAM and the rest not? or is it all or nothing?

For BAM 1.1 you will need to get an APAS key and apply it to the AP. The SMs then will have their ESN number (MAC address) entered into BAM 1.1.

For BAM 2.0 the licensing is different. You no longer need an APAS key for a specific AP since now the licensing is server based.

You can have one AP in a cluster using BAM while the others are not.

Tech Support can correct me but you would possibly have to upgrade your SM’s to use BAM2. You must be running some version of 4.x SM software to use BAM2. I do believe that this is clearly stated in thew BAM users guide.

Or, Maybe just the AP has to run 4.x software. Yea, thats the ticket.

You can have one cluster useing BAM and another not. Its just a matter of specifying authentication not required on the AP, and ofcourse not specifying the IP of your BAM server, which doesnt really matter if you have authentication disabled.