Region Code 12 & 8

I have several PTP54600 links through out my system, all region code 8. I had a lightning hit destroy one unit. I was able to get a replacement unit from another WISP that no longer needed the unit. My problem is the replacement unit is a region 12 unit. Is there any way to make a region 8 & 12 talk to eachother? Is there a way to change the region 12 unit to an 8? I know when I had a fiber option added to one of my region 8 units, it was a manual process to get the new key done because of the new restrictions Motorola put on the 5.4 products. Any suggestions appreciated. Dan

Hi Dan

You must use the same region code on both ends of the link.

You can request a new region code for a unit directly from our website. The direct link is

I see that you are based in Tx, USA, and so the units that are sold in the US are marked with the FCC logo, and must comply to the FCC regulations. Due to this we are unable to issue a RC8 licence key for use in the US, because using this region code the unit would operate outside the FCC regulations (Power levels and Radar detection)

I would therefore suggest that you obtain a RC12 (FCC) licence for both ends of the link from the website, which will allow your links to work together


ps - Did you know we have a repair service for PTP units, and can normally repair units with lightning damage?

Thanks for the reply Julian, I was afraid that was the answer I was going to get. The site this link is currently on has to have region code 8 or it will not work. 5.7 and 2.4 are not options here. It is frustrating that at one time these units were legal, and now have instead of resolving the geo areas where the issues lye, a blanket moratorium is issued for the whole US.

As for your repair shop, if we would send it in for repair, would you change the region code to 12 from its current RC8? Also, where can I find price and shipping info for your depot? Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan

Yes, all repairs for units within the US would have RC12 loaded due to FCC regulations.

You can raise a RMA simply by calling our technical support team on +1 866-961-9288

We would then contact you with details of how to return the unit. On reciept of the unit we will inspect it and provide a quote for the repair, depending on the level of damage


Thanks again Julian. I will look into your depot services, except for all my 5.4 RC8 units. Dan

Another follow up question. Can Mexico have a region 8 54600 PTP? I may be able to swap for a 58600 set of units for my 5.4 region 12 if they can be changed to region 8 in Mexico.