Region/Country Code List

Hey Guys!

Looking for a list of PMP450i Region codes. We're specifically looking for Canada and/or Other

Theres the setup process thats requiring the code. We tried lots of combinations but ended up with 23 but we want other.

The PTP Region Codes do not work either because we need only one or two diget codes.

I don't think I understand your question.

Where are you located?

If you are located in a country that is choosable, then you should select that.  If not, then select the "region" you are in only.

If I haven't answered your question, please clarify what you're looking for.

I am assuming you are talking about SNMP values for Region/Country, in which case 2 and 3 is North America / Canada.

There is no such thing as a Canada / Other region.   Also, the PTP region codes have no relation to the PMP/PTP 450 family region settings.  The idea of a "23" is just combining the SNMP values of North America (2) and Canada (3).

If you are in Canada, you should use that combination.   What is missing from that region that you are looking for with some sort of Other?

Hey sorry, was working with our engineer and was trying to repeat broken telephone style.

Okay so, I believe we understand the issue we have but, maybe there is a work around.....

What we want to do is, we are wanting to do some testing scenarios in the field and want to change our broadcast limiting from 9 dBi to 23dBi and not use Canada and change to "Other" as a region so we can test interference levels, etc.

I believe it is due to licencing restrictions when we are changing the values of "regionCodes" in the downloaded configuration files but nothing seems to work and re keep getting "Configuration Invalid" when uploading the modified configuration file.

Ah, makes sense.  However, the 450 platform radios are only granted operation within the regulatory limits of the region in which it's sold.  Therefore, you cannot change to Other when using a model that can be sold in Canada.

This is a legal requirement in the 5 GHz unlicensed band, and is why you'll get that message of "Configuration Invalid".  It is not allowed.

So there literally is zero chance of us making this a reality? Is it the license that our device has restricting us from this?

This is a 450i

@HilltopNetworks wrote:

So there literally is zero chance of us making this a reality? Is it the license that our device has restricting us from this?

This is a 450i

You'll need to be in a region that can buy ROW (rest of world) radios in order to set other/other. Radios purchased in the USA are heavily restricted due to EIRP, DFS and OOBE FCC/US regulations. The region cannot be changed or else Cambium would be in trouble with the FCC. Other manufactueres (like UBNT) have these restrictions as well.

These restrictions were put in place because operators were abusing the change region feature and running higher then allowed EIRP radios in restricted bands (like the 5600 radar band).

Thanks everyone. Im very dense when it comes to other platforms (eg. Cambium) and only most familiar with mikrotik/ubnt boards.

Actually here in canada, Our devices purchased from distributers here are International devices. Most distributors we purchase from are international distributers therefor, with these devices, region is moot due to the option to just choose uzbekistan as a personal choice for these scenarios.

I appreciate everyones help and actually really admire the support.

Actually, as of last year, no radio equipment that is certified to work in Canada should be allowed to change to a region code that operates outside the parameters for Canada.

This is very clear in the ISEDC rules (RSP-100), and was implemented January 20, 2016.  You can read all about this here.

If you are currently buying equipment that is not adhering to these rules, please be careful you are not violating the regulations.

my friend have all country code list please link?

I am not sure what you are asking for here. If you can perhaps restate your question, I might be able to help. (Note that this thread is nearly 3.5 years old)…