registered to ap but no checked freqeuncies

i would like to ask if it possible to connect to ap even if i did not check the freq at the radio tab? if yes, then how? some say it is possible by making ap as an sm... but i really dont have any idea on how to do it.. please guide me


Regardless of the product If you do not know the frequency selected on the AP, you will have the option for select all the frequcies on the SM.

So even if the AP is set for DSO it will eventually links up with one of the  frequency selected on the SM. However, there is a catch if you do not know the bandwidth selected on the AP.

If you are looking for any particualr product then I can guide you in detail.


Mahip Neema

What i want to say is there is an option in ap that you can make it an sm so it will become sm instead of ap… Then some say you can connect it to another ap without checking the frequencies on the radio…im not really sure about this but i would like to know your opinion thanks

If you have no frequencies selected in any of the bandwidth tabs then it is possible to link to an ap with the correct security settings and info. Having nothing selected is like having everything selected. The problem is that there are over 1000 poissible combinations to try and depending on what the ap is set to, then it can take a very long time to search for the ap.
The point of the lists is to shrink the search to a known bandwidth and if possible select frequencies.