registration Ap and SM


I’m starting give wireless service in Italy.

I have 2 AP that work at 2 different frequencies but have the same color code.
If a SM can receive the signal from all the 2 AP, will it register to AP that give the best signal or at the AP that scan first?
The SM in configured in the way that it scans all frequencies.


You would save yourself a lot of frustration by setting each AP to a different color code and configuring each SM to connect to the one with the stronger received signal.

But with teh same color code the SM can register to all the 2 AP. In this case the SM frequentli loses the registration and return to scan… :frowning:

Put the APs on different color codes. In the SM use the AP Eval Data to determine the AP with the best signal, and then set the SM to that color code.

If the SM continues to re-register, you are either too far from the AP, or there is interference. The solution then would be the addition of a reflector or higher gain antenna, or to use lower frequency APs like 2.4GHz or 900MHz.