Rejected - Generic Authentication Failure"

what in the heck is this. so the passcodes on wpa are the same and it won't connect. put it to open no problem. what gives

I asume you're trying to connect an ePMP SM to an ePMP AP? Are you using any special characters? I'd try changing the WPA passphrase to something that is 8 characters and only a combination of letters and numbers... start there, and see what happens... after you get that working, then start playing around with longer/more complex WPA keys.

eric, you are it is an sm to an ap. the tower is in abab and the 3 other ap units have the same passcode and haven't had any problems. the passcode does contain a "_"

Hello John,

I would be really appreciate it if you could provide Syslog from AP and SM.

Thank you.

ap log us attached

Hello John,

Thank yoy for Syslog.

Could you please also provide AP configuration file.

Thank you in advance.

Now I just can suspect that error caused by packets loss as an impact of high interferer level .

Part of packets required for successful authentication has been lost.

Thank you.

I am getting this exacgt same issue as well.  Just upgraded to firmware 2.6 on my APs and CPEs.  I have a Force 180 that is connected to a 20 Mhz AP.  I want to move it to our 40 Mhz AP (temporarily). They are both using the same exact WPA2 passphrase.  When I enter the correct credentials for the 40 Mhz AP (which has other clients on it) and re-boot the radio, I get this error. Luckily I left the old 20 Mhz AP in the list as secondary. Saved me a trip to a customers house...

Hi AU Wireless,

Please read my previous message in that topic.

The most likely cause is packet loss during authentication phase.

Try to trigger wireless interface for re-registration on primary AP with 40 MHz channel.

Thank you.