Release 3.0 EIRP defect


We have come to learn about an issue in 3.0 which could be quite severe, depending on your deployment. Release 3.0 software incorrectly caps the SM and PTP mode EIRPs to the APs EIRP in FCC regions. The FCC requires the AP's EIRP to be capped to lower values (ex: 36 for the 5.8 band) while the SMs and PTP radios are allowed much higher EIRPs. Due to this EIRP cap, SMs with high gain antennas (ex: Force 200) will not be able to turn up thier TX powers beyond 11 dBm (25dBi antenna gain + 11 dBm Tx power = 36 EIRP). Therefore SMs that are at longer distances or in a tough link may see thier performance degrade significantly when running Release 3.0. 

This issue has been fixed in 3.0.1 which is a maintenance release. We expect a 3.0.1 beta release early next week. 

We apologize for the trouble caused due to this defect. 




Never mind, I misread your post, I had found this issue yesterday and thought I was doing something wrong.

Thanks for the update.

As well as in TDD ptp mode it caps the  AP at too low of EIRP error"

* "Transmitter Output Power"+"Antenna Gain" values must not exceed 36
In TDD ptp on 2.6 the AP says:
* "Transmitter Output Power"+"Antenna Gain" values must not exceed 60

A beta release with the fix is now available:

Good day

RC9 release not fixing the problem. We have two links, exactly the same config and antennas, ons link is a slave/backup. Upgrade worked on one set, but not on the other.

The SM shows "Transmiiter Power Output" as  Off.

It are connectorized eMPM1000 units


Hello Johan,

It seems to be not the same issue.

When "Transmiiter Power Output" indicates Off it means SM is not registered on AP and is scanning.

Initially topic is about incorrect Regulatory EIRP validation for US country code.

Rule for PMP was used instead of PTP on SMs.

Thank you.

I'm still seeing an issue when setting the EIRP limit on 3.0.1-RC9 in the web GUI that I believe was supposed to fixed. We have two PTP links that have the TX power set to 20dbm in the 5.2 band with antenna gain of 25 ( 45 EIRP). Moving from 3.0 to 3.0.1-rc9 resolved the issue for one link with AP hardware of "5 GHz Connectorized Radio with Sync (Lite)", but the other link we have is a "5 GHz Connectorized Radio with Sync" (non-Lite version), and although it is being used for PTP, the web GUI still doesn't allow the TX power to be set above 11 without showing an error. Because the value was previously set before the upgrade however, TX output power is showing 20, but there's a red exclamation point on the radio configuration tab. Wondering if maybe the Web GUI needs to fixed for the non-lite connectorized radio with sync?

 Hi lvwifi,

Can you please tell what Country Code and what Frequency Carrier exactly are you using?

Thank you,


I'm in the US, using 5190. I looked at the same radio this morning however, and i'm not seeing the issue any more. I think it might've just had something to do with the browser cache, as it's no longer showing the red exclamation point. Oddly enough, it now shows "Version 3.0.1-RC9" along the bottom page footer, while immediately after the update it still showed 2.6.2 for a while. .... more reasons I suspsect it was a browser cacheing issue. (Using firefox on mac os).

Hi lvwifi, I’m glad your issue is not reproduced anymore. Feel free to contact me in case you will see it again. Thank you, Artem.


still any issues one of my towers is on 3.0.1 and it seems its kicking my sms off sync goes down alot. i have replace PSU. switchs extra backups Backhaul is strong no drops for 65 days.