Release 8.2.1 Issue

Hi Guys,

We ordered several APs that have 8.2.1 preinstalled. Accessing the device via HTTP takes a long time. I have read several posts on 8.2.1 and I was wondering if I can downgrade it without having any issues.

Secondly - when I access the device, I get this message:

5.7GHz - Access Point - 0a-00-3e-fc-5a-eb No valid accounts configured. Using default user account Radio Configuration

What does that mean?

It may mean you need to make an Admin user account

I’ve backflashed all flavors from 8.2.1 as Motorola has a MAJOR issue with 8.2.1 and Prizm 3.0 (BAM only)…

I had to take 260 AP’s back to in the last 2 nights, and as you can imagine, and tickled to death…

Worked with engineering for 3 weeks on this issue, and was given a `test build’ that made things worse…

GG Moto…

Sheesh…glad we haven’t upgraded to Prizm 3.0 yet.

What exactly is the problem?..Is it a Prizm problem or a BAM problem?


You need to add an Account, either Admin or Root, then fill with password. =)

What is it with this guys lately. It seems like they can not release nothing new without putting our customers thru hell first. How do they test their sutff? or do they test it at all?

What is the problem with 8.2.1 and prizm?


Just got off a conference call… 8.2.2 was suppose to fix it the Prizm/BAM issue, and is still being looked at. As soon as they know, supposedly I will know…

It may still, but the working release I was given to try, had other issues, hence my having to backflash to to solve them (for now)…


how do you get them to give you this level of support? When I call all they do is blame my network before I even finished describing the problem