Remote Access Datebase cnMaestro On Premises

Good morning, from Cambium could you give us access to the DB of cnMaestro On Premises that we have installed? we need to synchronize our system with the coordinates of our ePMP clients, more than 3000.



Are you using cnMaestro On-Premises to managed your 3000 ePMP devices?

If yes then we support NBI API for On-premises and you can go download the Restful API doc from this link

You can query all device data using /api/v1/devices (all the API is secured using accessToken)

Please go through the document and follow the steps in order to access cnMaestro data. 




As Rupam stated above, if you are looking to READ the ePMP device lat/long values from cnMaestro, you can use the APIs on cnMaestro On-Premises.

On the other hand, if  you have the device lat/long values in a CSV file and you are trying to configure them on the devices in cnMaestro, we are adding a "CSV Import" feature in cnMaestro 2.0 which will allow you to set lat/long values for all device types and set elevation, azimuth and height for PMP/ePMP APs.  An example CSV file is shown below.

Please PLEASE make my day and say your also making the import/exports compatible with the LinkPlanner team?

And oh my god would it be nice if this was part of an update that included export to kmz :)