Remote access over different ISP

My current plan ISP downlink is via satellite dish (1.2m). I will use that to function as a WISP (WiFi hotspot) using Cambium’s product (CnMaestro, CnPilot, Force etc…) but Im trying to find out will it still be possible to access my wireless AP remotely from a different location using a different ISP (i.e GSM) while my WISP Network is satellite?? So that that can make it easy for configurations and troubleshooting. Your views are highly appreciated.



use a router and vlans, management on one vlan with its gateway on the GSM network and another vlan for clients with its gateway on the satellite connection. set your AP management vlan to the management vlan of the router and the data vlan to the satellite. Caution, you can not easily set the clients to use the GSM link automatically if the satellite is down, but it can be done.

Why satellite? expensive and slow plus add the 800ms delay (even starlink has a high delay despite being a Fast-LEO mesh.

Hi @Douglas_Generous,

Thank you very much for your help I can now see the picture. Oh and why I use satellite is because it’s much cheaper than the current GSM ISP we have. We do not have fibre or other ISP in town as it’s quite rural. I’ve subscribe to a plan of 85mbps/month UNLIMITED around for for a cost of USD2300 while on there other hand the GSM ISP is charging PTP/PMP dedicated links customers for around 6mbps/month for USD3300. Therefore there’s a big difference in the pricing. I have choose Kacific Broadband satellite 1.2m dish for my setup.