Remote Access

Hi everyone, Im just curious in different approaches to remotely accessing network and devices outside the network securley.  Suggestions?  Ideas?

There's only one real way. Setup a VPN, lock it down with 2 factor authentication. 

Hi Thank you for your reply!  That is what I am currently using... using AWS VPN, only issue is that I can get to everything via the VPN in the network except 2 ptp 550 links... the first ptp 550 link I can access no problem via the VPN and its in the same subnet as the other 2 ptp 550 links that I cannot get to... so im a bit confused and the AWS support and forum has not been any help.  

Sounds like you have something configured wrong network wise. You sure those ptp550 are pointing at the right gateway?

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As with ryan_ray, this is definitely a problem with netowrk settings. Double check everything twice more.

That aside, a cloud vpn? All cisco G1 and G2 routers (not soho routers) can easily do local vpn with hard encryption, just make sure you have a k9 image or +sec license.
We also run a win2k8 vm on our NOC servers that we RDP into to be truely local on the network even if we are remotely connected.

Most common reason I’ve seen is either the gateway or mask on the remote device is set wrong.