Remote AP Sync problem

Hi all
I’m trying to sync a remote AP with a cluster. My cluster is sync’d with no problems using a cmm. I have a SM at the remote site linked back to an AP in the syn’d cluster. I’ve connected the RJ-11 timing ports and set the remote AP to sync via the timing port. When I boot up the AP says NO SYNC. Reloading and checking connections hasn’t helped. I’ve checked to make the settings like "max distance, controls slots, downlink %‘s are all the same. There is only one possibility that comes to mind and it requires a tower climb and a swapout to confirm (or the knowledge of an experienced canopy tech)

I’m using a 25’ 6 conductor phone cord from radio shack (not cat5). Could this be the reason for “NO SYNC” on the remote AP ?

Don’t know about the RS cable. We have always made our own and connect 1,2,3,6 only leaving 4 and 5 N/C

I’ll know just as soon as I can get my hands on some six onductor RJ-11 connectors.

Thanks Jerry!

We learned that if you keep all wires connected, in some cases the radio will even act as if it’s got the default plug in. We only connect the timing pin, (pin 1) and ground (pin 6). We have no problems with sync in that configuration.

I have noticed the radio->radio sync cable problems myself. Not connecting 4 seems to fix the issue

I found this on the motorola knowledge base -

pin 1 white / orange (GPS sync)
pin 2 white / green (Serial Tx 9600)
pin 3 white / blue (Serial Rx 9600)
ping 4 green (Default Jumper)
pin 5 blue (Audio /GPS Power sync)
pin 6 orange (Ground)
(4th pair not used)

Looking at this should it use Pins 1,5 and 6?

1,2,3,6 or just 1,6

We have been using 1,2,3,6 - we didn’t have any luck geting just 1 and 6 working. I just was confused when I saw Pin5 saying GPS power.

We solved this swapping that 6 conductor phone cable out with a cat5 pairing 1&2 and 3&6.

- Finally we’ve sync’d a remote site about 5.5 miles away and WOW it seems all our interference disapeared! I naively thought non overlapping channels wouldnt interfere at that distance. :oops: