Remote CLI Maestro

Can you help me according remote cli in https maestro ?
I downloaded the CLI user but i have always this error message “%Error processing cli command - Invalid arguments”
I want to see the conf and to configure it in cli and not in GUI mode.
Thanks a lot

I’m not sure I understood your needs, but via web gui:
go to operations → configuration → export
That’s an example to the commands used to configure that AP.

The right command to show your configuration is
show config

Ok that’s work (show config).
But i read the User Cli but i don’t found, the command to be on the exec mode like en or enable mode.
Is it possible to acces to maestro cloud in ssh please ? Today, i accessed it in GUI (https mode with login/password) but i prefered ssh ?
Thanks a lot

cnMaestro access in SSH mode is only for debugging and troubleshooting any maestro issues. For Management/Provision/Stats/troubleshooting GUI is the model.


Ok thanks a lot.
And if i want to configure it with cli remote, it is possible ?
Because the command extract from the user cli doesn’t work.
enable doesn’t work.
Can you give me a reference or a guide to do it please ?
Thanks a lot my friend

@sebastien400000, do you want/need CLI access to cnMaestro or to your Access Point?
You can access to your access point and manage them from there, you don’t need an “enable”

CLI to cnmaestro (on-premises) is just for maintanance, not configuration