remote electricity and battery telemetry

Hi community,

just wondering if anyone is using any kind of remote telemetry to know when there is a power failure on a site, control the state of the backup batteries and perform reboots without needing to go physicaly to that site.

Anything like to let you know via SMS or any other way that there is a power failure on this site and when it is restored.

Do you have any kind of experience with such systems?

Since we use PacketFlux sync injectors and SiteMonitor at many towers, I've taken to having the guys hook up two power connections to the sitemonitor, one on mains power the other fed by the battery backup.  Every 60 seconds I have a cron job running on our monitoring server that checks the voltage of both via SNMP, and sends me a text message ( email address, for t-mobile phone) alert if mains power drops.

However, I'd prefer to have more extensive monitoring of the back up power than just 'present' or 'failed', so I'm interested in other people's answers to this thread.


Packetflux sitemonitor and the Tycon TP-DIN are what I use primarily.  Both of these are used in tandem with zabbix for graphing and alerting.  Both of these are only used for measuring DC voltages and current but that is enough for me.  If battery voltage drops below a pre-defined threshold I know that the power is out or similar. 

I also use Aircontrol 2 to monitor all of our UBNT gear and it is really simple to put an old Bullet radio plugged in to grid power at a site and monitor it with AC2.  If the power goes out AC2 alerts that the unit is down.