Remote managment of a cnPilot disabled by default.

One of the great things we liked about the cnPilot R200 and 201 was the fact that if the customer defaulted the router at home, we were still able to access the router remotely and reconfigure it for them. We have recently noticed that routers running on firmware 4.3.3 R4 are no longer defaulting to allow remote access, but it is instead disabled by default. Confirmed this in the latest firmare release notes. 

So the question is, is there a way to turn remote access back on using Maestro if the router is onboarded? What steps are required to do this? Any pointers would be appreciated!

Disregard, figured it out.

Had a couple issues on our end where the devices weren't connecting to our OnPremise due to a DNS issue, corrected that and now routers that were previously in Maestro will onboard automatically even if they are defaulted. Then found the required overrides to switch remote access back on, pushable via a config update through Maesto.


I agree from the convenience point of view it was desireable. However from the security point of view we have had numerous instances of attack due to this, hence we had to disable this by default.

I am happy that you were able to find the solution.



Can you please clarify if a reset router is automatically recieving its configuration, or if you are clicking a button in cnmaestro to repush the config?

We have a situation where if someone moves out of a house, turns off the router before telling us, and the voip config is left in the router. A new occupant can move in, turn on the router and make toll calls. We want to make the change in cnmaestro while the router is switched off and have them automatically pushed when the router is powered back up, or if it is reset.  

So if there is an option to automatically resync configs i am keen to know

Router is coming back as connected to Maestro on its own, but we have been manually pushing the remote access config back to it. Does not appear to be doing it automatically. We are just now starting to work with Maestro from a VOIP standpoint, so haven't done any automatic provisioning yet. As far as that goes, with our current setup, we can just disable the extension in another system which prevents SIP regisitration.

What is the override to switch remote access back on, and what is the process to push the config update through Maestro?  Is that still possible? It is my understanding that only changes to ePMP and PMP devices can be done through Maestro now.

We have a client's R200P that has defaulted for some reason, and since all remote access has been turned off in recent firmware, looks like we will have to go to the site to reprogram the router...'no truck rolls' was the goal of this system.


You can still claim the customer device into cnMaestro cloud account and configure it the way you want.

AP-Group based R-series configuration works for most of the things except some very advanced device configurations. 

To enable the device access over WAN , add the below line to the User-Defined Overrides (in the AP group) and push the configuration to the device. Please note that if the AP group configuration will overwrite the customer configuration.



Can you please post a list of all the config options such as that and the descriptions of what the setting does?