remove adminstrator from cnMaestro

Deleting admin users in cnMaestro does not seems to work.

Anyone knows if there are solution for this?

We are aware of this issue due to recent update.
We will fix it soon and update you on this thread.

Please try now this is fixed.

I need to remove some administrators from cnmaestro, who nolonger work wit us, ow do I go about tis. Kindly assist asap. Thanks 

Hi Reubenl,

Please navigate to Application >Users and you will see the list of users. To the right most corner the delete button appears. Use this delete button to remove unwanted users. Please note that the logged in user cant delete his own entry.



Thanks for your quick reply, unfortunately the said button isn't appearing when I navigate to application users. It just sows status

Sorry Reubenl,

If you are not able to see the delete button (you must be administrator user), then you are not super admin user. Please try to log in as super admin user and try deleting other unwanted users.



Got it thanks. worked!

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Hi Raghavendra,

I am logged in as a Super Administrator but do not see the delete button.  The group I am viewing has four total users including myself - two admins and two super admins.


Hi Mike,

May i know a bit more info which helps in debugging soon.

Is the instance On premises or Cloud? Can you please share me the screenshot of what you see?



Please find the screeshot from On-premise cnMaestro . Hover the mouse to the left side of the page and click on Application>> Users to reach this page.  Delete button is highlighted in yellow. 



Wen you lognin as super admin, go to users, just at the bottom there is a horizontal scroll bar, just scroll to the far right and you will see delete (X) button


I am using cloud.  After logging in to capture my screen, the delete buttons now suddenly appear on the right-hand side.  Strange, but I'll take it.

Thanks for your quick reply!



Even though this was resolved, it is still impossible to remove a user