Removing devices from CnMaestro?

Good morning everyone,

So I've had to replace a couple radios AP/CPE and now I have duplicates, same name and IP different MAC.

I've looked everywhere and I can't seem to find where to delete a radio?

I'm sure it's in there somewhere, it's just hiding from me...



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Hi Ryo.

To remove a device from cnMaestro, you can UNCLAIM it by navigating to the OPERATE -> Onboard page and then click on the UNCLAIM tab.  From there, you can search by a number of parameters such as device name, IP, MAC, serial number, etc.  Click on the "X" at the far right to remove the device.


Devices an be removed via Operate -> Onboard Devices -> Unclaim.  From this view you can find devices you want to remove and do so by clicking the X on the right side.

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Well that was pretty easy, thanks for the quick response...


We have the same problem.  Need to remove some items from CnMaestro Cloud

When we go to the OPERATE -> Onboard page, there is NO Unclaim Tab to the right of the Claim From Device Tab. 


When we log in to the cloud, looking at the bottom of the CnMaestro page, it says Version 1.2.0-r2


We moved the ability to delete a device into the tree menu. An example is below.


I onboarded a cnPilot R201P and it is stuck in udating, when you look at the onboard process.

It seems there is no way I can unclaim this device. I have rebooted everything. Even the server. Not sure why it is stuck updating.

Is this on cloud or On-Premises?

If cloud then please send me your cambiumID and device MAC which is stuck via private message.

If it's On-Premises then we will release a patch soon sometime this week which will fix this problem.


We have released package update for On-Premises with version 1.3.0-r7 today and it should fix the devices stuck in Updating state.


When I tried to eliminate a device in this way, it turns me out an error.

What error do you see?

No option to unclaim a device

Hi, I deleted a device 10 days ago, and cnmaestro (on premises) still stuck (see image).
How can delete from CLI? its possible?