Replaced a PTP 230 BH pair with PTP 450 BH pair, having link issues

If you are deploying a PTP450 Backhaul pair, replacing and upgrading a current pre-existing PTP230 Backhaul pair that is and has been in service and running successfully, here are a few items to check:

Was the link re-aligned when it was swapped out with a PTP 450?

A re-alignment of the link is needed because 1) a connectorized PTP 450 would require a new MIMO antenna. 2) A A PTP450 using a dish would also need to be re-aligned since the “sweet spot” on the dish is different for a PTP450 than it is for a PTP230.

What sync source is being used?

A PTP 450 does not support Sync over the Power Port. A PTP 450 can be synced by uGPS with its own power supply or by connecting a cable from the CMM Aux port to the PTP 450 BHM timing port.