Replacement/Alternative for the F300-25 ?

Not a fan of the F300-25 other than how easy to assemble it is, but right now my biggest gripe is that in some places it isn't even possible to replace a F200 with a F300-25 because the F300-25 offset dish can't be reversed. 

As far as I'm finding our only option in those cases is to use the $200 CSM (why is the connectorized radio more expensive than all the others?)  with a 3rd party dish of some kind (Kpp and RF-elements pretty pricey, anyone using something else ?)   pushing the cost of replacing a $150.00 F200 to about $350.00.

Anyone else using the $200 CSM radios with a 3rd party dish and if so what dish are your using ?

I guess we could use some of the Force 110's we still have laying around with the CSM... as horrendously bad as the 110's are the dish is at least reversible...

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I have a number of the CSM attached to rocket dishes or smaller Jirous dishes, but it does end up being a $300+ cpe either way.

It is bizarre that the CSM is more expensive than a Force 300 when it is essentially identical from a performance/RF perspective.  I guess you need to be willing to pay extra for flexibility....