Replacement for Mercury/Purewave 3.65 Omniwave

Hello.  I have a Purewave Quantum 6600 in production in Omniwave configuration.  The Quantum 6600 is a 6x6 radio and in the Omniwave configuration, there is 360 degrees of coverage on one 10 MHz channel by connecting 3-120 degree sectors on the tower, occupying both vertical and horizontal ports on each antenna.

We're starting to have problems with this Purewave base station and I'm wondering if it would work to replace it with three PMP320 APs, running on three different 10 MHz channels. 


If I was you, I'd look into Telrad's WiMAX to LTE system. They have a base station that can run WiMAX, and as you swap out  your current subs with their dual stack WiMAX/LTE CPE, you can then convert the base station and CPE's to run LTE. Telrad's basestation can also be used in a configuration similar to Omniwave... where you have one base station serving multiple sectors in different directions.

Cambium's PMP320 is EOL'd and there's no development happing on that platform.


We also have a dying Purewave.  I am wondering what solution you came up with.