Replacement options when one side of PTP 600 link fails...

We have a 650 PTP 600 link where one side has failed. After repair diagnostics, it is not repairable. What are the options for getting this link back active? Can one PTP be purchased? Licensing issues? We have a backup of the settings, so we can quickly load those to the new PTP.

If anyone has had just one side fail and did a replacement (had to replace both or just one), any tips would be appreciated.


Hi Brian,

sorry to hear about the link being down.  I'm assuming you've worked with our support team to determine that there is no re-set possible including putting the radio into recovery mode and re-installing the image?

If you've determined that the radio must be replaced it is possible to order one end of the link and as you mention restore the backed up configuration.  One tip is to make sure install any optional license keys prior to restoring the backed up configuration.

If the radio is still under warranty or extended warranty the software license keys would be restored on the replacement radio.  Today we don't support transfer of license keys from one radio to another.




As discussed this turned out to be a 5.8 GHz PTP 600.

The PTP 600 is not compatible with the PTP 650 so one end of a 600 link needs to be replaced with a PTP 600.


HI Bruce

Can you confirm taht if lighning blows up one end of a PTP650 with full 450MB licence that I now have to buy not only a new unit as well as the new licence? 

Doesn't seem right


You are correct.  Software keys are tied to a specific unit.  So if the unit fails outside of a covered warranty situation the keys need to be replaced along with the hardware.

- Bruce

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Hi Bruce

So I can not make a back up of the existing config and upload the config file to the new unit?

You can certainly upload a configuration backup file to the replacement ODU, and this is sensible step if you already have the backup. However, the license key is bound to the MAC address of the ODU and it will not be valid in the replacement ODU. We detect this condition when loading the back up file, and leave the license key blank.


Just wanted to post a quick message regarding the information and help Bruce and the Cambium team gave us on getting our network back operational.

Cambium support did an excellent job of diagnosing the issue and working to get it resolved. Our network is now (have been for a while now) fully functional and working great! Its amazing what dedication from a company can do -- this is why I really enjoy working with Cambium products!

Thanks for all that Cambium does to support its products!


Hi .

I have PTP-600 in site one master is gone faulty and replaced with stock.Replacement unit have valid licence but still link not got up. Can i get help on the same ? How we can know if RF Cable or Antena Issues ?