Reporting on cnMaestro Essential

cnmaestro free (old) are better than cnmaestro essential (current/newest). i know cambium need to make money from cnmaestro by only give user a current view of data and not 7 days data as before for reporting really making a hard time for us to answer to user complain. cambium is really pushing end user to buy cnmaestro X. We as the free user, as we are not big / not needed a handful of user data but just the current 24hrs data to help us with user problem such as quota/ usage/ user download/upload… why not give us a 24Hrs data view instead of current view only so we manage to see what the user do or problem are. Possibly helping us to ease user experience. I notice now u can’t even see user detail on what we set as we used voucher to with limitation on speed/quota.