Request:Actual Subscriber Count Listed Per AP

This is in regards to ePMP AP's.

Pardon me if its buried in here somewhere.  But when we go to an onboarded AP it will show you how many devices are connected and up.  Example 34/34 Devices are up.  But if you go into the actual AP there will show 36 connected clients. 

I would request that you add more information in that section to specify how many "Actual" SM's are connected.  You can easily pull this info from SNMP.  Right now it only tells you how many are connected that are on boarded. 

Reason being we are entering data for hundreds of these radios and we need to know if any that are connected are NOT on boarded.  If they are connected but not on board we need to fix that.   So it would be helpful if we were given the currect "Actual" amount of subs connected to any one AP at a time.


Hi Steven,

Thank you for sharing the feedback,I will share the same with my product team so that they can come up with these features in upcoming releases.

You can share this idea under the idea section.Please find the below link for the same:


Already did last week.  Thanks for the reply.