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I am new user of cambium and now i take in vlan project, so i dont know how to do config in E410 (cnMaestro)

Let me share Router confi and switch config.

Router : #inter vlan10.1

                ip add

                desc Office

               #inter vlan 20.1

                ip add

                desc Guest

                #inter vlan 30.1

                ip add

                desc AP_Management

                and right way config ( DHCP Pool)

               # Inter f0/1.10 to f0/1.30 is ok.

In switch : #vlan 10

                     name Office

                     #vlan 20

                     name Guest

                     #vlan 30

                    name Management

                   # vlan 99 

                   name native 

                  # inter f1/1 

                   desc Router_to_Switch

                   switchport mode trunk

                   switchport trunk allowed vlan 10,20,30

                   no sh

                   #inter f1/2

                   desc Switch_to_AP

                   switchport mode tunk

                   switchport trunk native vlan 99

                  switchport trunk allowed vlan 10,20,30

                  no sh

After config , how to do setting in cloud , AP group network.

I attached 1 and 2 , which one is right.



from your description this what i guess is your need, on cambium AP, allow 

1. vlan 10,20 and 30

2. vlan 99 as native 

your configuration looks correct. by default native vlan is not tagged. in your 2nd cnfg screen i can see you trying to configure native vlan 99 as tagged. but i don't see native vlan 99 got tagged in your switch configuration.

from which interface you are trying to access the cnPiolt AP. since you made vlan 99 as native, i assume you are accessing cnPilot AP from valn 99, if DHCP client is enabled on VLAN 99, enabe "Request Option All" on this interface.

in cnPiolt AP when DHCP client is enabled on multiple interface like in your case vlan 10,20,30 and 99, you can control learning of Default Gateway, DNS Server, Domain Name on particular interface by enabling "Request Option All" on that interface. 

hope you got all the information to make it work. still facing the issue lets us know

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Thanks, for your support.

I use Picture No.1 setting.

I have one question, did i need to turn on DHCP option all on this interface box in vlan 30.
vlan 30 is just only to use Management AP and vlan 30 have dhcp for ap not user.
all wlan assign in vlan 10,20. 

If VLAN 30 on cnPiolt AP is used for management purpose, please enable "DHCP Request Option All" on VLAN 30 interface and disable same on all other VLANs (by default VLAN 1 is configured with the DHCP Request Option All").

Once we enable DHCP Request Option All on VLAN 30, AP can learn and install 

1. Default Gateway 

2. DNS Server 

3. Domain name and 

4. Any other information learnt from DHCP server

In summary, "request option all" controls from which VLAN interface AP need to learn DHCP Server supplied information.