Request: Y.1731 Performance Monitoring

ITU-T Y.1731 performance monitoring provides standards-based Ethernet performance monitoring that encompasses the measurement of Ethernet frame delay, frame delay variation, and frame loss and throughput as outlined in the ITU-T Y-1731 specification and interpreted by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). Service providers offer service-level agreements (SLAs) that describe the level of performance customers can expect for services. This document describes the Ethernet performance management aspect of SLAs.

this is currently available on the PTP 820 licensed microwave backhaul

I would like to see it on all service provider product lines, meaning PMP, ePMP and PTP. Maybe even the cnPilot 200 series.

Here's a great video from Ciena explaining different parts of carrier Ethernet and why you want it.

Ray, please change this off of "available now". I'm asking for this feature on all platforms, not just the PTP820.

I moved it to Under Consideration.