Requesting grant for frequency range, or multiple frequencies

Is this possible? Other vendors have the capability to CSV a few requested frequencies, or multiple frequency ranges.

This is important for us since we are near the coast and within the Dynamic Protection Area (DPA). If we could be granted a few frequencies up front, we’re under the impression the equipment would switch to a backup frequency if the ESC detected a Move Event, but of course it would only do this if we’re already approved for the other backup frequencies.

Our SAS provider suggested the following:

If possible, we would recommend holding a lower power grant in reserve rather than relinquishing it when it is not in use. Your device could then switch to the lower power grant when it encounters suspensions due to DPA activations. Please note that while our SAS allows for such CBSD behavior, you may need to consult your device documentation or reach out to your device manufacturer to confirm that it is possible using your CBSD.

Is there any documentation on how to accomplish this with cnMaestro On-Prem?


I got word from Cambium they’re working on this.