Requesting Lat/Lon coordinates or CASS Addresses

Many US users don’t realize that we can export a list of buildings covered by a prediction. This can either be the Lat/Lon of the building for $0.10 each or a CASS Mailing Address for $0.40 each. These are both sold in groups of 100 each.

To submit a request follow these steps:

  • Ensure you have an active tower site subscription and have run an appropriate prediction.
  • Click the edit icon (pencil/notepad) to the right of your project name.
  • Click the name of the prediction you would like to use. An Identify screen will pop-up to the right.
  • Fill out the form with your thresholds and click ‘Run’
  • Send a screenshot of the results including (the selected prediction) to (just like the example below).