Reset CMM4 Hardened Switch to default settings?

Anyone know how to do this?

There should be a reset button the front panel.

There is, and I’ve tried holding it in for a short amount of time, long amount (30 seconds), tried holding in while unplugging power and nothing seems to work.

Is there a specific procedure?

While holding the reset button for approximately 10 seconds, the power led should go out indicating that the switch has been reset. I don’t think this procedure will reset the password though.

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That’s my problem. I tried changing the password via the web interface. The password I changed it too only has lowercase characters and after I did that I can’t login anymore.

I can telnet to the device and use the password I changed it too but then when I try to go to the “enable” mode it asks for a password again and nothing I try works.

It seems ridiculous that they would make a device where if you forgot your password you’re screwed, even with local access with a reset button or a terminal cable.

I received this from Etherwan today:

1. Console into the MO72129A and set terminal emulator parameter to be at Baud rate: 115200, Data Bits: 8 , Parity: None, Stop Bits: 1, Flow Control: None.
2. Power cycle the switch.
3. Press CTRL+D repeatedly during the boot up process, you will be presented with the boot loader command prompt of “ADM5120 #”.
4. Next enter “reset password” and the boot loader command prompt. If you get an unknown command error message, please try a again.
5. After erasing the a portion of the flash, the switch will reboot. And you should be able to log into the switch with “root” as user name and blank password.
6. At the user mode command prompt, enter “enable”, you will be presented with the enabled mode command prompt ending with a “#” sign.
7. At the enabled mode command prompt, enter “restore default”. Next the switch will reboot, and the switch will have the default IP address.

When the toggle switch is in the “Default” position (up or towards the operator), a power cycle causes the CMM4 to boot with the default IP address and no username or password required. The CMM GUI displays a message indicating that the unit has been powered up in default mode. When the toggle switch is in the “Normal” position (down or away from the operator) a power cycle causes the CMM4 to boot with your operator-set IP address, username(s) and password(s).

To Perform Hard Reset follow the procedures below:

  1. Gain physical access to the inside of the CMM4 enclosure.
  2. Establish direct Ethernet connectivity to the CMM4 (not through an AP or BH).
  3. Flip the toggle switch to the “Default” position (normally up, toward you). CMM4 User Guide Configuring a CMM4 Issue 2d, March 2012 Page 37 of 83
  4. Power cycle the CMM4. RESULT: The module can now be accessed with the default IP address of, no username, and no password. Ports are not currently powered due to toggle switch override and are shown unpowered on the Configuration => Ports tab.
  5. View the current IP address or set a new IP address on the Configuration => IP tab, view users on the Account => Change Users Password tab, add users on the Account => Add User tab, or set a new password on the Account => Change Users Password tab.
  6. Change any other configuration values if desired. If you change ANY parameters on the Configuration => Ports tab then the displayed parameters (including any unpowered ports) will be used when rebooted with the toggle switch in the “Normal” position. Leave ALL unchanged and the previous port configuration will be used. IMPORTANT! If you leave the parameters on the Configuration => Ports tab unchanged, the ports will return to the state they were in before the override. Those that were powered before will be powered again. However, if you click “Save Changes” on the Configuration => Ports page before rebooting then the next boot will come up with the displayed port configuration.
  7. Click the Save Changes button.
  8. Flip the toggle switch to the “Normal” position (nominally down, away from you).
  9. Click the Reboot button. End of procedure

RECOMMENDATION: Note or print the IP settings from the Configuration => IP tab. Ensure that you can readily associate these IP settings with the module for future use.

use the same password

I think this thread (from 2010) was in reference to the EtherWAN switch in the CMM4.  The procedure you posted last year seems to reference the CMM4 itself.

I am not sure what your post from yesterday is indicating.

Is there an issue we can try to help you resolve somewhere?