Residential use with Work From Home

How is the quarantine/Work From Home environment changed network usage for you? Are you able to quantify the increase and is the network meeting the demand? Charts and screenshots please.



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Our traffic comparing today (Tuesday) 10:00 AM local time to 3:00 PM local time with two weeks ago same time period. Definitly a nice spike in traffic there from kids being home and working from home I'd say. 


We've been closely monitoring our overall bandwidth usage and we're not really seeing a big increase in traffic since this pandemic hit. This might be because of the traffic shaping we use with Sandvine and Preseem... in any case, things on our network are going well. We have noticed an uptick in installations, and people calling in to increase their bandwidth plans. For people that are needing more bandwidth or static IP's for VPN's, but are financially challenged, we've been giving free temporary upgrades on a case by case basis. So far it's pretty much business as usual!


Anyone taking extra precaution sending techs to install/repair ?  Providing techs with gloves, masks ? Hand sanitizer/wipes ? Instructing them on interacting with customers in the close quarters of their home ? 

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Here in Italy we're doing repairs using all protections needed such as mask, gloves, sanitizer gel and we're trying to do just repairs and not new installations.

Here it's getting really hard doing this work in these conditions!



on our side, as we work from home and this is the case for our customers.

Since two weeks ago, we are just installing residential customers. An average of two customers a day in Kigali.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

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