Restart Ap

Hola, Necesito resetear mi AP pero por alguna razón no logro acceder a su configuracion mediante la IP, sin embargo si tengo conectividad mediante ping y el enlace funciona.

Solo puedo acceder al suscriptor... 

es posible reiniciar el AP mediante un comando u orden desde el suscriptor?

esto porque no puedo ir al sitio donde tengo implementado el AP.

What model? Do you have snmp enabled?

(relying on Google Translate, apologies if i misunderstand your question)  If you are unable to reach the AP from the ethernet side (upstream) then your only possible options are reboot via SNMP, via SSH, or via cnMaestro - assuming at least one of those three is enabled and working.  Otherwise it will require physically resetting the power.

If you are connected to the SM end, then access to the AP may be blocked.  By default, an ePMP in AP/Master mode will ONLY allow access to management over the ethernet interface.  Under Configuration->Network->Advanced look for the option 'Management Access" and ensure you have "Ethernet and Wireless" selected if you will need to access it from the downstream/SM end of things.  As far as rebooting the AP from the SM end if this is still set to "Ethernet" only, you may have no option but hands-on power cycling.


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