Restoring backup configuration doesn't work as expected (On-Premises 3.2.0-r7)

I was trying to solve problems with uploading *.img files to cnMaestro (btw. I didn’t notice the complete package being available to download). I wanted to do a full reinstall of cnMaestro, so I did a configuration backup (Administration > Server->Operations), shut down the virtual machine, deleted it completely and started from scratch again with EXACTLY the same settings. When done with installing the OVA file I started the VM and did the final setup (with the same IP configuration as before), put in the Anchor info and did the configuration restore. So far everything looked good, I could see the inventory tree and it seemed to be a great success. But then I realized, that approx. 1700 of 2000 devices are in offline state. I investigated what have the units connected and online in common, but I didn’t find anything. Majority of PMPs and ePMPs just doesn’t connect stating: “cnMaestro Remote Management - Enabled - The Registered AP Is Onboarded” and “cnMaestro Connection Status - Connecting”. Rebooting the ePMP unit doesn’t help. The only way, how to make it work again is to delete it from the inventory, wait some time for the onboarding request and accept it. But that is not an acceptable solution - it would take ages for 1700 units. I already raised a ticket on Tuesday, but so far without any outcome.

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