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I removed all my UBNT APs from a water tank(10.10.23.x) because it was getting painted. All of my customers were migrated to an adjacent UBNT tower(10.10.11.x).

Water tank work complete and I went up wih brand new ePMP2000 sectors(10.10.23.x)

I have a customer on a migrated nanobridge(10.10.11.x) who is also inline with the ePMP sectors on the water tank(10.10.23.X) so I figued this would be a good candidate for elevate.

The procedure says that the "elevate subs retain only their configued IP address and device name"

The above is an issue for me since the water tank is 10.10.23.x and the customers UBNT radio is currently on 10.10.11.x .

I'm assuming once I elevate the customer CPE(10.10.11.x)I will lose connection to it because the water tank where my ePMP gear resides is on a different subnet(10.10.23.x).

Am I thinking this through right? If I elevate I'll lose connection to the customer radio correct?

Any suggestions?

Is it possible to define the elevated ip before upgrading the radio?


DHCP is your friend for this.    no worries about dealing with this issue. 

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Thanks Chris.