Retreive config file using FTP

Hello everyone,

I have a backup server (Centos) and i need to retreive config file from all my PTP/PMP450i.

(1) I tried FTP, but I cannot find the proper config file. Instead I found "canopy_config.cgi" but the content is empty. Does pulling configs using FTP works?

(2) so, I tried through HTTP. It works if no user and password are set.

(3) When user and password are set on my device, I got an error. Extract below:-

[root@localhost scripts]# wget --user=admin --password='Test123456'
--2018-09-06 11:11:12--
Connecting to connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 401 <meta http-equiv='Refresh' content="5; URL=main.cgi?mac_esn=0a003ebbbe7b" />Unauthorized <br /> You have timed out of your session, have been locked out due to too many unauthorized access attempts, or have exceeded your maximum allowed sessions. <br/> Please press <a href='index.htm?mac_esn=0a003ebbbe7b'>here</a> to continue
Unknown authentication scheme.
Authorization failed.
[root@localhost scripts]#

Please pay attention this output "Unknown authentication scheme."

Can some experts shed some light here.


I know the question is five years old now (pre-COVID, even), but the Cambium radios don’t use HTTP Basic Auth like your wget utility is doing when you set command-line credentials. You need to step through the login page and capture the cookies with wget. Using the StackOverflow page [1] as a reference, the file retrieval can be formulated in two requests per radio:

wget --save-cookies cookies.txt --keep-session-cookies --delete-after --post-data 'CanopyUsername=username&CanopyPassword=password'
wget --load-cookies cookies.txt ""

Tested on a Cambium PTP450b Mid-Gain using software version “CANOPY BHUL450”

  1. How to get past the login page with Wget? - Stack Overflow
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