RF carrier "None" missing on 2.4 GHz 13.1.x train

I’ve seen this so far on 13.1.2 and 13.1.3 on 2.4 GHz PMP450 and PMP100 gear. Our 5.7 GHz PMP-450 AP with 13.1.2 does not have this problem.

When upgrading/installing a new AP the option to disable the transmitter is not present. First time I ran into this was on a cluster of 2.4 GHz PMP450 that we’re migrating 802.11 customers to. Suffice to say there was a little confusion when previously shutdown APs turned themselves on!

Is this a known issue? I don’t see it mentioned in any release notes.

For PMP450 radios, this was fixed in 13.2.  I am not sure of the version that fixes this for PMP100 units.

Thanks for catching this thread. I saw the bug fix in 13.2 for PMP-450, we're currently testing it before rolling it out. So far so good!

As for PMP-100 I can only assume it will be addressed in the next release.