RF Elements with 450i

I noticed that the RF Elements antennas are listed. Is there a way to select them for the 450i AP?

Hi Arakasi,

The RF Elements horn antennas are available for selection on a PMP 450i AP in the 5.1 to 5.8 GHz bands, except when the country selected is United States or Canada, as these antennas have not been type approved for use in these countries with the PMP 450 product line.



Sorry to troll up an old post, but how do we get these approved for use in Link Planner.  I am deploying 30 and 60 degree RF element horns all over our network.  I can't see any reason that all available sector antennas wouldnt be available to me.

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The RF Element horn antennas are available for 450i, but not in the US or Canada.



Sorry for slow response here.  Andy, are you saying that Cambium doesn't recognize them for the US or Canada?  Or are you saying that RF elements horns are not sold in the US or Canada?  If your first statement is true, my question is "why?".  If its the latter of the two, I can tell you that I have purchased a number of RF element horns here in the US.  Additionally, RF Elements has had a booth at WISPALOOZA for years now.

Despite whether these horns are unavailable to the US or Canada, that still doesnt answer why I wouldnt be able to use them for theoretical purposes in a link planner.

As per the earlier comment in this thread the reason the horn antennas are not included in LINKPlanner for the US and Canada is to do with the fact that they have not been explicitly Type Approved by the FCC for use with our products and we are waiting for clarification as to whether horn antennas can be considered in the same approval as sector antennas which have a controlled elevation response.

LINKPlanner guides users as to what is recommended by Cambium based on the equipment options selected. If you wish to do a theoretical analysis then you can change the country to Other and use the User Limit options on the Power to keep the radio within the FCC EIRP limits, you will then be able to select the RF Element Horn antennas.

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Thank you for at least providing a solution that I can accept and work with.  Sadly, I am still having trouble wrapping my mind around the FCC issue, but its not something I need an answer to.